How to automatically collect feedback from participants after a webinar

Collect feedback from Zoom webinar participants with automatic email surveys.

How to automatically collect feedback from participants after a webinar

It’s great to get feedback from participants after you’ve gone to all the effort of setting up and running a webinar.

But it can be a lot of work setting up an email campaign in a tool like Mailchimp, importing all your contacts, creating a survey and sending it out.

There’s so much to learn from your participants.

  • What went well with your webinar? Which aspects did people really enjoy. What would they like to see more of in the future?
  • Where is there room for improvement? Did certain sections go on too long? Were your slides clear and easy to read?
  • Was there enough audience participation? Did you engage with the audience during the session or are you going to use your survey to catch follow up questions?

Getting answers to these questions is an key way of making sure you’re improving your Webinars each and every time.

Sending a survey after your webinar is also a great way of keeping at the front of your audiences mind once the webinar is over - and to keep the conversation flowing.

Here’s how to automatically send surveys to your webinar participants with a free UserLoop account.

Step 1. Create your free account on UserLoop. You get 50 free responses every month which should get you started on collecting loads of great feedback from your participants.

Step 2. Create your survey. Decide what question you would like to ask your participants, and what rating system you would like to use. There are lots of different reaction sets on UserLoop for you to choose from.

Step 3. Trigger your survey. If you want to automatically email your participants, you can do this by using our Zapier integration.

Simply set up a first step which triggers based on new signups to your Zoom webinar, and a second step which then schedules a survey to be sent out on UserLoop.

Connect your Zoom account to Zapier and select the 'New registrant' trigger

Connect your UserLoop account to Zapier and select the 'Send Survey' trigger.

Add the Zoom participants email to the UserLoop recipient field and select which survey you would like to send.
As participants sign up to your webinar, they’ll automatically be added to your UserLoop account and will be emailed when your webinar is completed.

If you want to manually send out the survey through UserLoop, you can do this using the ‘Email Blasts’ function. Simply paste in all your attendee email addresses and send. You’ll start receiving responses in your account straight away.

Step 4. Analyze your responses. As your participants start responding you’ll start to see their feedback appear in your UserLoop account. You’ll get a breakdown of response sentiment, along with any comments, videos or images they've attached.

We hope this helps get you started with collecting some fantastic feedback after your webinars are over, and to help make each and every webinar better than the last.

If you’d like help setting up your webinar, simply fill out the demo request form below and we’ll help you get started!