How to deal with negative customer feedback

How should you handle negative customer feedback? Follow our tips in this post to turn a negative into a happy experience!

How to deal with negative customer feedback

Negative feedback is inevitable. We simply can’t make everyone happy with everything we do. And there’s always going to be a slip-up - sometimes even out of your control like delivery delays. You can’t make the postman deliver faster now, can you?!

But it’s how you deal with negative feedback that really counts. Your actions towards a dissatisfied customer can affect your business, your profits and your growth. So it’s super important that you know how to deal with negative feedback before it happens.

Having a plan and knowing your next steps is imperative to handling a dissatisfied customer the right way - and potentially flipping their opinion.

In this short article, we’ll explore the ways you can deal with unhappy customers and complaints. And we’ll see if there’s a way to turn their frown upside down!

Negative feedback is a great thing…

The way you see and feel about negative customer feedback affects the way you deal with it.

If you see negative feedback as a bad thing, you’ll respond negatively. Two negatives create more negativity and can lead to customer complaints or worse!

So, you need to start by understanding that negative feedback is actually a blessing.

“Huh?!” I hear you say.

You heard me right. Negative feedback is actually a good thing because it’s a huge opportunity to improve. One that you'd never have had if the customer hadn’t provided negative feedback.

Do you see? You need to take each negative feedback as an opportunity to nurture your customer and improve your product/service. This way you learn how you can do it right for all customers going forward.

This in turn improves your overall customer satisfaction, your profits, and your growth. It’s a win-win!

But what if the only way you get feedback from customers is through reviews?  

Low ratings and reviews affect your business! So the best way to deal with this is to intervene before the customer posts publicly.

And how do you do that? Read on to uncover the secret weapon you can use to stop negative reviews surfacing...

How to prevent negative feedback from going public

There are many approaches you can take to preventing negative opinions from going public. So today, we’ll just look at the easiest one. The one you can implement into your day-to-day, without spending tons of cash and using hours of time.

The best way to stop negative reviews about you and your products/services popping up everywhere is to keep this type of feedback on private channels.

And the easiest way to do that is with an integrated feedback app like UserLoop.

UserLoop allows you to capture dissatisfaction before the customer takes to social media or google reviews. How? By letting you ask for 1-click feedback quickly and easily from the customer.

They can tell you that they're unhappy and voice their complaint to you before going public. Which gives you the perfect opportunity to provide supreme customer service and resolve their issue or complaint privately.

Follow up to see if they changed their opinion…

As you’re dealing with the complaint, you may even get the chance to settle the dissatisfaction and completely change the customer’s opinion of you. So an unhappy customer becomes a smiley, happy customer.

The beauty of simple 1-click feedback is that you can follow up with dissatisfied customers after you’ve fixed their concerns. So you can discover if your customer service is where it needs to be.

Want to learn more about how UserLoop can help you capture unhappy customers before they complain or leave negative reviews? Click here to learn more...