What are customer satisfaction surveys and why are they important?

What are customer satisfaction surveys and why are they important?

The number of online retailers worldwide increased dramatically in 2020. The pandemic forced businesses to adjust and get online. With more online retailers available it’s becoming a fiercely competitive area.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is one important area that can make your online retail business stand out from the crowd. And a good CSAT Score can really affect your bottom line. More on that later...

This short article is going to teach you what a customer experience survey is. And we'll cover why it matters to your business. We’ll explore how you can use customer feedback surveys to improve your CSAT Score and boost your profits.

What is Customer Experience CSAT?

Customer experience (CSAT) is a way to measure the satisfaction of your customers. You do this by asking questions after they’ve contacted you or made a purchase. 

What is a Customer Experience Survey (CSAT Survey)?

A CSAT survey is simply a short questionnaire that you send to your customers for their feedback. The question(s) you ask can be used to measure how happy they are with your company, product or service.

A good customer experience survey has questions that are easy to understand and even easier to answer. A customer is much less likely to complete a complicated survey.

As the entire point of sending out a survey is to get feedback, it’s essential you make your surveys easy to complete. One way to do this is to introduce 1-click customer feedback.

“What is 1-click feedback” I hear you ask…

It’s exactly what it says - your customers are able to provide valuable information with just 1 click. It’s the simplest way to get feedback from customers. And the response rate is so much higher than traditional surveys because filing them in is almost effortless.

Start using 1-click customer feedback in your business to see the difference it makes to your survey response rate.

How to calculate your CSAT score

Before we look at how to calculate your CSAT score, you should understand the benchmark you're aiming for.

A good CSAT score for internet retailers and Shopify sellers is 80%+. Anything lower than this can be damaging for your profits and your business as a whole.

If your first score is lower than this, you’ll need to implement the feedback you receive from your surveys. This will help to improve your score over time.

Now let’s take a look at how to calculate your CSAT score:

(No. satisfied customers) / (No. total responses) x 100 = CSAT score (%)

Let’s say you sent out a survey to your recent customers. You got 50 responses back. Of those 50 responses, 42 expressed satisfaction with you. Your CSAT score would be 84! Well done!


(42) / (50) x 100 = 84%)

How to create a phenomenal CSAT Survey

Creating a great CSAT survey comes down to asking the right questions. But the answer options are just as important. Getting more responses to your surveys improves the validity of your CSAT Score.

As we mentioned above, both the question and the answer need to be easy to understand so that customers aren’t deterred from taking the survey.

To supercharge your response rate you should create a simple and very short survey. 1 question is often enough to get the answers you need. So a 1-click survey works perfectly for this.

What should you ask?

When choosing your question, consider what you want to learn. If you want to know if you need to improve your product or service you might ask “Did the product/service meet your expectations?”

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer lets you know if you need to make changes to your product/service.

Here’s an example of a remarkable 1-click survey created with UserLoop. The feedback received from this survey helped the business underline changes that needed to be made. And they were able to improve their customer experience quickly.

CSAT Surveys for Shopify sellers

CSAT scores are particularly important to Shopify Sellers. Why? Because they allow you to stay on top of trends and get valuable feedback from your Shopify customers. Plus, they allow you to pick up dissatisfied customers before they leave a public review.

You must understand how to keep your customers satisfied to guarantee your survival. And the feedback you get from customers will help you grow your online store. More growth = More sales!

Customer feedback is not the same as product reviews.

Customer feedback provides a much deeper insight into how you can improve your Shopify store. And it helps promote loyalty amongst your customers.

Take a look at the difference between customer feedback and customer reviews...

Customer Feedback vs Customer Review:

Customer review:

Customer feedback after CSAT Survey:


You can see that Customer feedback provides much more detail. It offers valuable information on how the business can improve their checkout process.

Whereas the customer review just tells you that 1 person really liked the product.

The most important difference between the two is…

Customer feedback surveys allow you to control the data you receive. You can’t control the data you get from a customer review.

So now you know how important getting customer feedback for Shopify sellers is, what can you do about it?

UserLoop’s Shopify Integration - perfect for Shopify sellers

UserLoop has just released an integration with Shopify. This means Shopify sellers can automatically capture 1-click feedback after every sale!

There’s never been an easier way to get the feedback you need to grow your store. And getting started is super easy (plus it’s free).

All you need to do is sign up for your free account that allows you to get up to 50 responses per month.

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